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  • JWT’s Take On Marketing Trends 2015

    JWT's The Future 100 Marketing Trends for 2015

    With the new year right in front of our noses, it’s time to look at what 2015 marketing trends might hold. Thankfully, many agencies are happy to provide their predictions. One of the more extensive looks into the future (110 pages) is served by JWT Intelligence: The Future 100 offers a glimpse into trends in food, […]

  • Solving Problems: The Indication And The Cause

    equation by Quinn Dombrowski

    “Find out what the real problem is, understand why that’s the real problem” Rob Campbell In a recent interview, Rob Campbell, Head of Strategy at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, was asked how he tackles a brief or a challenge. Despite working for one of the fanciest agencies in the world, his answers was pretty straightforward: “Find out […]

  • The Misguidedly Targeted Flyer

    Every now and then a little piece of direct marketing gets lost in my mailbox. This particular time it was a flyer from an online retailer where I had bought some technical accessory for a washing machine a while ago. They offered me a 10 EUR discount code for my next purchase. On the front page of […]

  • Outcome vs. Output

    “We have to become more obsessed by the outcome we create rather than the output we make.” Gareth Kay (2014)

  • What A Priest Told Me About Lovemarks

    Two weeks ago I attended the wedding of my cousin. I expected to hear a lot about love and faith and relationships. What I didn’t expect was hearing about brands. Most of you have probably heard of the lovemarks concept, introduced by Kevin Roberts some 12 years ago. That book made me think about the […]

  • The Top 6 Things You Shouldn’t Waste Time On In 2014

    We all like compiling lists (just take a look into your Twitter feed, there should be a few of them zipping around at that very moment), so I figured I’d compose one of my own. Today, on the eve of an exciting new year, I present to you: the top 6 things you shouldn’t waste time […]

  • The Real Target Audience: The Subway Wagon Filter

    Working on weekends is nothing desirable. Yet, the subway ride to work yesterday opened my eyes regarding one of the most important questions in advertising and communications: Do you know your target audience? Next time you ride the train, don’t just regard the other passengers as annoyingly sweating, dozily wheezing, and yet to be turned […]

  • Survey: The Best Agencies To Learn Planning.

    Disclaimer: I am currently working for thjnk in Hamburg. End of last year I’ve conducted a short online survey. I was curious to find out which advertising agencies Strategic Planners consider good places to learn the craft. So I asked where they would send their children to pick up the knowledge. Due to poor attendance […]

  • 3 Insights on Location-based Advertising

    Advertising messages have always been sent through one or more channels. With the advent of new technologies there secretly is hope for new and better ways to reach specific target audiences. One of those developments is the rapid spread of GPS enabled smartphones and the growth of location-based services (LBS) that allow marketers for disseminate […]

  • There’s No Such Thing As “The Next Big Thing”

    Dear advertisers, dear creative people, dear marketers. Let me tell you one thing, for we all know right now you are out there, desperately seeking for it. It, the next big thing, the solution to all your problems, the path to glory and honour. I have to disappoint you, there is no such thing as […]