The Real Target Audience: The Subway Wagon Filter

Working on weekends is nothing desirable. Yet, the subway ride to work yesterday opened my eyes regarding one of the most important questions in advertising and communications: Do you know your target audience?

Next time you ride the train, don’t just regard the other passengers as annoyingly sweating, dozily wheezing, and yet to be turned into social creatures by a high concentration of caffeine. Look at them and see them as what they are: they are probably part of your target audience. I don’t know why I never thought about my fellow travelers as I did in that moment. But once I did, it helped me separating out a few concepts that have been lying on my desk for a job I am currently working on.

This is not an a new sophisticated market research method with ultra high reliability. This is just a small observation that might help you adjusting your perception. And ultimately deciding whether your communications concept will actually work in real life (reading: life outside the agencies’ walls).


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