My name is Maximilian. I am an amateur dad, cyclist, runner, and hobby chef with a passion for technology, music, and words. I am also a creative brand strategist helping businesses make sense of worlds that stopped making any.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

mbhw is my platform to share the things that bother or inspire me while developing strategies that help businesses build better brands and create more meaningful stuff.

Over the past decade I’ve been living in Canada, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands working at some of the most renown agencies to help probably the best brands in the world carving out profitable spaces in culture.

Since 2022 I am in London, doing global strategy partner things at Uncommon, helping create brands and things that people in the real world wish existed.

I also write a weekly-ish newsletter for strategic minds and a very infrequent one about fatherhood. You can find out more about me on X or Linkedin.

Everything here represents my own opinion that will not necessarily match with my employer’s point of view – or yours.