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  • The Sciamachy between Big Data And Big Ideas

    The Sciamachy between Big Data And Big Ideas

    Much to my surprise, the last couple of weeks saw an increase in conversations I had about a topic that apparently does neither get old nor boring. It’s been around for a while but still creates a natural tension – which is, in a way, exciting for strategists: the sciamachy between the Big Idea and Big Data. It is a debate […]

  • The Misguidedly Targeted Flyer

    The Misguidedly Targeted Flyer

    Every now and then a little piece of direct marketing gets lost in my mailbox. This particular time it was a flyer from an online retailer where I had bought some technical accessory for a washing machine a while ago. They offered me a 10 EUR discount code for my next purchase. On the front page of […]

  • How Apple’s iOS 8 Puts Words In Your Mouth

    How Apple’s iOS 8 Puts Words In Your Mouth

    I upgraded to iOS 8 yesterday. Besides the fact that I was slightly disappointed (it looks exactly the same, how boring!), I became a little bit upset after typing the first message. I have read about the new keyboard’s contextual word suggestion, yet I wasn’t aware what that actually really meant. The phone happily suggesting […]

  • Jelly is a Great Opportunity for Brands

    A little new app called Jelly sparked some interest among tech blogs yesterday. Their motto: Let’s help each other. I downloaded it and surprisingly it’s quite fun answering questions of your larger social network (friends of friends are included). People ask the community by uploading pictures of the “problem” and add a short question. The […]