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  • An ad campaign for Tesla

    An ad campaign for Tesla

    Ad world has been waiting for this moment: Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk just announced that his company will try a little advertising in order to highlight lesser-known features in the company’s vehicles. Any advertising will have to be informative and aesthetically pleasing. Well, if this doesn’t sound like an open brief to me that invites […]

  • The value of community for brands and businesses

    The value of community for brands and businesses

    It’s easy to be cynical, important to be cautious, and worth being curious about the idea of community – and how it can help brands and businesses create more value and make better stuff (products, services, and ideas.) Disclaimer: I’m leading brand strategy at ScienceMagic, a creative and strategic company helping businesses and talent build […]

  • Strategy Off A Page

    Strategy Off A Page

    A while ago we’ve been working on one of those briefs that are mainly exciting because they’re so open. So the strategy team went to work. We took apart the brief, scrutinised it, and reassembled it. All with the good intention of bringing some clarity to the task. Needless to say that a fair amount […]

  • Getting to Great Creative Work and how the Brief can help

    Getting to Great Creative Work and how the Brief can help

    This is the second article of a mini series exploring how we can overcome the barriers that get in the way of great creative work. In the last article, I explored the elements that make creative work great from the perspective of the people who make it (account managers, writers, designers, strategists, and all other […]

  • The Creative Work We Consider Great

    The Creative Work We Consider Great

    A couple of months ago I have sent out a survey to advertising professionals to find out more about what they consider to be great creative work. I wanted to find out what constitutes great creative work in their opinion – and what they think stands in the way of it. While I’m finalising that article, […]

  • The Great Creative Work Survey

    How do we get to great creative work? I’m launching a new side project to explore opportunities and obstacles on our way to great creative work – and I need your help. After months of faffing and idling around and keeping the blog dormant, I realise it’s time to get back into this: the thrill […]

  • How Creativity Benefits From Noise. Or: Jump in the Pool

    How Creativity Benefits From Noise. Or: Jump in the Pool

    The past months have brought some changes in my life. Nothing dramatic, but still significant enough to allow some of these finding their way onto this blog in the next couple of weeks, because in a way #everythingisnieuw. About three months ago, I moved from Hamburg to Amsterdam, from a German agency to an international one: from thjnk […]

  • Advertising Is A Ball Game

    It’s easy to read disappointment or frustration into this post. But it’s probably more a naive curiosity that keeps me wondering why people in our business – the creative business – spend so much time preparing keynotes to back up our latest idea with successful examples of other agencies, companies, or organizations creations. (I said […]