An ad campaign for Tesla

Ad world has been waiting for this moment: Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk just announced that his company will try a little advertising in order to highlight lesser-known features in the company’s vehicles. Any advertising will have to be informative and aesthetically pleasing.

Well, if this doesn’t sound like an open brief to me that invites a little play around.

While all agencies around the world are digging out and dust off any car campaign ever concepted, I asked ChatGPT to help me out.


I kept it purposefully simple, so please, prompt wizards from around the world, spare me your scorn.

Please assume the role of an award-winning creative director and create an advertising campaign for Tesla, the car brand, to highlight lesser-known features in the company’s vehicles in an informative and aesthetically pleasing way.

  • Create a tagline for Tesla.
  • Write the script for a 60 second TV commercial.
  • Describe three poster executions.

The campaign

The result of ChatGPT’s and Bing’s collaboration speaks for itself. Not a big surprise, considering such a clear brief. So without any further strategic ado, here is what we can expect from Tesla’s first ad campaign.


Tesla – Unexpectedly Familiar. Unbelievably Futuristic.

60-second TV Commercial Script:

(Open on a peaceful suburban neighborhood at dawn. Birds are chirping. A sleek Tesla Model Y is parked in the driveway.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “What if the future was already here?”

(A man walks up to the Tesla and, without touching anything, the car door opens.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “With Tesla, it is.”

(The man gets into the car. As he does, the interior lights gently illuminate. The car starts without a sound.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “No keys. No noise. Just you and the journey ahead.”

(We shift to the car’s view of the road, showcasing Tesla’s Autopilot.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “Autopilot, our advanced driver-assist system, keeps you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.”

(The car negotiates traffic, changes lanes, and avoids obstacles smoothly.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “And it’s not just about the drive.”

(Cut to the car parked in a picturesque location at sunset. The man and his family are sitting on a blanket, watching a movie projected from the Tesla onto a portable screen.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “Tesla’s theater mode transforms any destination into a cinema experience.”

(As the family laughs, the Tesla logo appears on screen. The tagline fades in below.)

NARRATOR (V.O.): “Tesla – Unexpectedly Familiar. Unbelievably Futuristic.”

(Fade out with a soft, futuristic hum.)

Three Poster Executions:

  1. Autopilot Safety: The poster depicts a Tesla navigating through a busy cityscape with ease and precision, with the tagline “Safety First. Second Nature.” at the bottom. The buildings, pedestrians, and other cars are outlined in neon lines, representing the car’s Autopilot sensors and the path it’s taking is highlighted, demonstrating how Tesla’s Autopilot works to ensure safety.
  1. Keyless Entry: This poster features a sleek Tesla Model S in a minimalistic setting with the door opening automatically as a man approaches. The tagline “Welcome Aboard. No Keys Required.” is placed at the bottom. A subtle light from within the car illuminates the scene, emphasizing the effortless entry system.
  1. Theater Mode: This poster shows a Tesla parked in an idyllic outdoor setting under the stars, projecting a film onto a flat rock surface. The tagline “Every Destination: Your Private Cinema.” is at the bottom. The light from the projection and the ambient interior lighting of the car are the only light sources, creating a magical, cozy atmosphere.

(Disclaimer: this is a joke.)


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