The Great Creative Work Survey

How do we get to great creative work? I’m launching a new side project to explore opportunities and obstacles on our way to great creative work – and I need your help.

After months of faffing and idling around and keeping the blog dormant, I realise it’s time to get back into this: the thrill of putting thoughts out into the open and learning from the reactions and conversations. Particularly, as I’m currently working on a little side project about great creative work that needs your help.

We all strive for great work every day. Experience shows, though, that we all have different ideas about what that is and how we get there. Triggered by the preparation for a workshop around creative briefs, I started wondering how to discuss the obstacles and opportunities of getting to great creative work. I realised I needed more input. So that’s where all of you come in.

Here is a link to a short survey. These eight questions explore your opinion on opportunities and obstacles in the process to get to great creative work. Please spare five minutes of your time and expertise and fill it out. (Additional gratitude for sharing it with the creatives in your network.)

I will publish the results here once they come in, so watch this space. And hopefully, we all will learn something new about getting to great creative work.


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