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  • An ad campaign for Tesla

    An ad campaign for Tesla

    Ad world has been waiting for this moment: Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk just announced that his company will try a little advertising in order to highlight lesser-known features in the company’s vehicles. Any advertising will have to be informative and aesthetically pleasing. Well, if this doesn’t sound like an open brief to me that invites […]

  • The Un-Joy of Technology

    The Un-Joy of Technology

    I was on the subway on my way home today, when an interesting – maybe symbolical – scene caught my eye. Three women were sitting in their seats, self-absorbed. Two of the three women were starring at their smartphones: heads down, biting their lips, looking tensed, frowning. They didn’t quite seem to enjoy their time. The third woman […]

  • The Tinder Effect: How Tinder Robs Us Of The Highs of Dating

    The Tinder Effect: How Tinder Robs Us Of The Highs of Dating

    I have a friend who is on Tinder. And a few other dating sites and apps. They are working quite well for him. (Just to be sure: this friend is not real. He’s the sum of all the people I know – male and female – using such apps.) I’m not condemning Tinder or the likes. […]

  • Jelly is a Great Opportunity for Brands

    A little new app called Jelly sparked some interest among tech blogs yesterday. Their motto: Let’s help each other. I downloaded it and surprisingly it’s quite fun answering questions of your larger social network (friends of friends are included). People ask the community by uploading pictures of the “problem” and add a short question. The […]

  • Game Over: 3 Reasons Why I Ditched My Nike Fuelband

    I have sold my Nike Fuelband. After about 30 days I just didn’t care anymore about my fuels, about my streak, about setting up new records. Why? I have a vague idea. The idea of the Fuelband had me hooked immediately. I’m an excessive user of the Nike+ running app. I hardly go for a […]

  • Customers Matter. Not Technologies.

    I stumbled upon an interesting article on “Why the QR code is failing“, recommended today in my Twitter feed. The title is misleading because Sean X Cummings mentions halfway through his obervations that “it’s really not the QR codes fault: A QR code is a tool, nothing more”. It’s simple: A tool only can fail if […]