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  • What Advertising Can Learn From BuzzFeed

    What Advertising Can Learn From BuzzFeed

    A few days ago I attended a panel discussion/interview with Juliane Leopold, founding editor of BuzzFeed Germany, at betahaus Hamburg. She talked about how everything started, how she set up the team, how BuzzFeed wants to be political and opinionated, etc. All of this wasn’t really surprising until the moment when she opened the site on […]

  • You Can’t Speak Your Feelings

    One thing I took away from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”: we can’t talk our feelings.

  • How The Heart Of My Online Identity Got Ripped Out.

    Last Monday morning I woke up into a virtual identity nightmare – again. Only this time much worse than back then, when only my Foursquare account seemed to have vanished. Much much worse, because I lost control over one of the most central pieces of my online identity: my Twitter account. I don’t know how […]

  • How Foursquare Stole My Identity.

    I don’t know anyone working at Foursquare, yet I’m quite mad at them at this very moment. This morning I couldn’t log into my account, and later had to found out that my account might have been deleted. After a short moment of shock, I started wondering: What if Foursquare just deleted a valuable part […]