A 20 Minute Sprint Through Digital Age

I sincerely recommend watching Scott Galloway’s talk at DLD NY about the winners and losers in the digital age. He ratters through his speech like a machine gun, but most of his words make a clear point.

He observes an increasing visualization of content, not only on the web but everywhere, and consequently declares Instagram the big winner and likable new king in the realm of Social Networks.

He suggests that Apple will make the shift from tech company to luxury brand within the next years and points to the recent hires of the brand as evidence.

Another winner of the digital age is Amazon, since the company continuously redefines how people want to shop, forcing competitors to follow their lead. He predicts that amazon will become the pipeline for atoms (or for stuff) right into your household.

So we have Amazon, Apple, and Facebook (owning Instagram). Strangely missing from his 20 minute sprint through the digital age: Google. Not mentioned with a single word.

Quite the interesting thing, as I only recently discussed with a friend and former colleague about exactly the influence of those four brands. Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook might pretty much control every human interaction on this planet through the sheer power of their infrastructure in the future.

Exciting times, don’t you think?


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