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  • Uninspired: Instagram Adopts Facebook Design

    Two topics dominated my Twitter timeline in the recent days: the elections in the USA (yay!) and the rollout of the all new Instagram web profiles (boo!). While I can understand why you would elect Obama as president, I don’t understand why you would apply the Facebook Cover design to Instagram web profiles. Now I […]

  • How The Heart Of My Online Identity Got Ripped Out.

    Last Monday morning I woke up into a virtual identity nightmare – again. Only this time much worse than back then, when only my Foursquare account seemed to have vanished. Much much worse, because I lost control over one of the most central pieces of my online identity: my Twitter account. I don’t know how […]

  • Is Facebook Relying too Heavily on Other Services’ Content?

    Have you ever wondered what Facebook is actually doing for you? Is it helping you with any of your real-life online or offline problems? Or is it just distracting you and becoming some kind of problem of its own? I don’t read or regard most of the status updates and shares of my Facebook friends. […]