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  • 3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

    3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

    Last night there was a party in one of the apartments facing my backyard. The music was playing annoyingly loudly – or so I thought. Suddenly another neighbor started to play his electronic guitar at an even higher volume. His plan was to get the other party’s guests to stop the noise. The lesson here? […]

  • Rotting teeth and immediate communication

    Rotting teeth and immediate communication

    I stumbled upon an interesting fact in this Youtube video by Erik Qualman: It seems that more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush. Despite the fact that there’s not a source for this fact, I don’t have a problem believing it. It just proves what all of us somehow knew already: people are more […]

  • You Can’t Speak Your Feelings

    One thing I took away from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”: we can’t talk our feelings.

  • Audi: Steering the Conversation on the Web

    Audi recently published its contribution to the Super Bowl advertising madness: a minute-long vampire party that gets smoking hot on arrival of the blood supply (see video below). Not so bad, you might think – but what I really liked about the spot is the hashtag integration at the end of the commercial: #SoLongVampires. They […]

  • Customers Matter. Not Technologies.

    I stumbled upon an interesting article on “Why the QR code is failing“, recommended today in my Twitter feed. The title is misleading because Sean X Cummings mentions halfway through his obervations that “it’s really not the QR codes fault: A QR code is a tool, nothing more”. It’s simple: A tool only can fail if […]

  • Advertising Is A Ball Game

    It’s easy to read disappointment or frustration into this post. But it’s probably more a naive curiosity that keeps me wondering why people in our business – the creative business – spend so much time preparing keynotes to back up our latest idea with successful examples of other agencies, companies, or organizations creations. (I said […]