Shocking: Unemployed Millennial Master Graduates Happier

So I talked to a few of my friends yesterday (yes, I could have sold it as not quite representative field study). About current moods, ambitions, feelings, and jobs.

Marketers would segment each of them amongst the group of Gen Y or Millennials (they themselves don’t). They are all quite educated (so says their Master’s diplomas). They all lived abroad for at least a year. And they all found a job right after graduation (more or less).

Nothing particularly striking about that so far. Now, two of them quitted or lost their jobs. You’d think they’d be miserable, depressed, and drowning in a valley of tears.

But. They aren’t. In fact it’s the opposite. The employed ones with jobs and occupation, they complain. Because their jobs don’t pay. Because of inflexible working hours. Because of long working hours. Because of clients from hell. Because of ignorant bosses that don’t value their experience. And because they’re constantly looking to improve their position – which results in being in a state of constant strain.

The shocking discovery after a few beers: unemployed Millennial master graduates are happier.*

It seems Gen Y is hard to satisfy. Can’t we get no satisfaction? Are we the ever demanding generation that doesn’t know their limitations? The want-it-all’s and hard-to-please’s? There’s been written a lot about that generation (here’s a PWC study and here’s a blog post about how Millennials tend to overestimated their experience [German]). Yet, I think it’s interesting that a few of us have found a more relaxed attitude towards traditional career paths and expectations.

*please remember: the field study is not quite representative and got less representative the more beverages had been consumed.


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