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  • 3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

    3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

    Last night there was a party in one of the apartments facing my backyard. The music was playing annoyingly loudly – or so I thought. Suddenly another neighbor started to play his electronic guitar at an even higher volume. His plan was to get the other party’s guests to stop the noise. The lesson here? […]

  • Game Over: 3 Reasons Why I Ditched My Nike Fuelband

    I have sold my Nike Fuelband. After about 30 days I just didn’t care anymore about my fuels, about my streak, about setting up new records. Why? I have a vague idea. The idea of the Fuelband had me hooked immediately. I’m an excessive user of the Nike+ running app. I hardly go for a […]