3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

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Last night there was a party in one of the apartments facing my backyard. The music was playing annoyingly loudly – or so I thought. Suddenly another neighbor started to play his electronic guitar at an even higher volume. His plan was to get the other party’s guests to stop the noise. The lesson here? My loud was not their loud was not his loud. Yesterday, one of my planning colleagues made himself a cup of tea and offered to bring one to another colleague. When he returned five minutes later, he…read more

Game Over: 3 Reasons Why I Ditched My Nike Fuelband

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I have sold my Nike Fuelband. After about 30 days I just didn’t care anymore about my fuels, about my streak, about setting up new records. Why? I have a vague idea. The idea of the Fuelband had me hooked immediately. I’m an excessive user of the Nike+ running app. I hardly go for a run without it. I love checking my personal stats, the numbers, compare myself to other runners. Similarly, I have been using the band everyday and it actually made me move a bit more. I have…read more