Unfollow. Why following each other won’t get us nowhere new

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Over the past weeks I tried to get back a bit more into my old “reading interesting stuff the industry is talking about” routine. Staying up to date on strategy, planning challenges, the industry and their thought leaders is, after all, part of what enables a strategist do to their job. Or at least that’s what I thought. What a mistake. Too much of the same? After clicking a couple of links on Twitter that all led me to the same WARC articles and after skimming through a bunch of newsletters…read more

Why Innovation Really Eats Strategy For Breakfast.

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It happens not very often, but every now and then I stumble upon an article that is pretty much complete bullshit. Usually, you discover at least something valuable in an article. Not this time. In his piece „Why innovation eats strategy for breakfast“, Josh Linkner argues that…well, that innovation beats strategy, because innovation changes the game while strategy only optimizes „current resources and conventional wisdom“. I couldn’t agree less. Innovation is changing the game, yes. And obviously a change in the game sometimes calls for an adjustment of strategy. But…read more

Patience Vs. Immediate Satisfaction

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Triggered by two articles I have read in different blogs, and by a decision I recently had to make, I started to think about the concept of patience and how it influences the way we achieve and perceive progress and innovation. Or, put differently, it influences the way we treat others. The first article was about the fact, that Facebook hasn’t really „wowed“ the author with the late versions of its mobile application. Even though I agree with that, it made me wonder, firstly, why we expect a company that…read more


There’s No Such Thing As „The Next Big Thing“

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Dear advertisers, dear creative people, dear marketers. Let me tell you one thing, for we all know right now you are out there, desperately seeking for it. It, the next big thing, the solution to all your problems, the path to glory and honour. I have to disappoint you, there is no such thing as the next big thing. Let me explain. (1) First of all, big things start of like all things: small. They start as ideas, sparks in the labyrinth of our brains. They stick around there, nag,…read more


Advertising Is A Ball Game

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It’s easy to read disappointment or frustration into this post. But it’s probably more a naive curiosity that keeps me wondering why people in our business – the creative business – spend so much time preparing keynotes to back up our latest idea with successful examples of other agencies, companies, or organizations creations. (I said „spend time“, not „waste time“.) The reasoning seems to be: „Dear client, if company A was successful with idea A, you too will be successful with idea A*.“ Yes, this might work. But. Shouldn’t it…read more