What Advertising Can Learn From BuzzFeed

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A few days ago I attended a panel discussion/interview with Juliane Leopold, founding editor of BuzzFeed Germany, at betahaus Hamburg. She talked about how everything started, how she set up the team, how BuzzFeed wants to be political and opinionated, etc. All of this wasn’t really surprising until the moment when she opened the site on her computer and referred to one of the post as „identity post“. An identity post is content that aims to appeal to a user’s identity rather than his hunger for news. It’s related to his…read more

Brand and User Experience: The Rule of One

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I’ve been attending an inspiring event held at fork unstable media in Hamburg recently. Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane) and Josh Clark (@globalmoxie) have been talking about content strategy and mobile development. The following paragraphs are a wrap-up of what they said, what I think they said, and what I took away from those two hours. I won’t go into the details of what they said and will jump directly to what I think is the essence: the (brand and user) experience. Josh approached that conclusion from a developer’s perspective, defying seven…read more


Is Facebook Relying too Heavily on Other Services‘ Content?

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Have you ever wondered what Facebook is actually doing for you? Is it helping you with any of your real-life online or offline problems? Or is it just distracting you and becoming some kind of problem of its own? I don’t read or regard most of the status updates and shares of my Facebook friends. (No offence.) My News Feed is limited to a few selected „channels“. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I am zapping through my friend lists, scanning for interesting articles, videos, or pictures. In that effect,…read more


Customers Catering to Customers

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Converse is extending their campaign with a new sales approach onto Facebook. Users can design their own pair(s) of Converse and sell them to their friends and/or can even open their own store. Since the program only launches in the UK and US, I wasn’t able to try it, however, this post deals more with the underlying principle rather then the execution. With this app, Converse basically outsources risk. The risk of failing to recognize trends. The brand provides their customers with the infrastructure and technology (store & shoe) and…read more