3 Reasons to Favor Direct Over Indirect

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Last night there was a party in one of the apartments facing my backyard. The music was playing annoyingly loudly – or so I thought. Suddenly another neighbor started to play his electronic guitar at an even higher volume. His plan was to get the other party’s guests to stop the noise. The lesson here? My loud was not their loud was not his loud. Yesterday, one of my planning colleagues made himself a cup of tea and offered to bring one to another colleague. When he returned five minutes later, he…read more

Rotting teeth and immediate communication

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I stumbled upon an interesting fact in this Youtube video by Erik Qualman: It seems that more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush. Despite the fact that there’s not a source for this fact, I don’t have a problem believing it. It just proves what all of us somehow knew already: people are more concerned with their virtual illusion of an appearance than with their actual appearance. It seems as if we look after our Social Media profiles more carefully than after our actual selves. It could also be another…read more

Audi: Steering the Conversation on the Web

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Audi recently published its contribution to the Super Bowl advertising madness: a minute-long vampire party that gets smoking hot on arrival of the blood supply (see video below). Not so bad, you might think – but what I really liked about the spot is the hashtag integration at the end of the commercial: #SoLongVampires. They are probably not the first to this, which doesn’t change the fact that it’s a simple trick to steer the conversation on Twitter. Instead of leaving it up to the viewers to create a multitude…read more


Customers Matter. Not Technologies.

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I stumbled upon an interesting article on „Why the QR code is failing„, recommended today in my Twitter feed. The title is misleading because Sean X Cummings mentions halfway through his obervations that „it’s really not the QR codes fault: A QR code is a tool, nothing more“. It’s simple: A tool only can fail if it’s used in the wrong way. So it must be the user’s fault – in this case marketers and advertising agencies – because they fall short in creating real value for customers. It is a…read more


Advertising Is A Ball Game

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It’s easy to read disappointment or frustration into this post. But it’s probably more a naive curiosity that keeps me wondering why people in our business – the creative business – spend so much time preparing keynotes to back up our latest idea with successful examples of other agencies, companies, or organizations creations. (I said „spend time“, not „waste time“.) The reasoning seems to be: „Dear client, if company A was successful with idea A, you too will be successful with idea A*.“ Yes, this might work. But. Shouldn’t it…read more