The Tinder Effect: How Tinder Robs Us Of The Highs of Dating

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I have a friend who is on Tinder. And a few other dating sites and apps. They are working quite well for him. (Just to be sure: this friend is not real. He’s the sum of all the people I know – male and female – using such apps.) I’m not condemning Tinder or the likes. There are reasons why people are using it and I can actually relate to those reasons. That doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned about it. To understand my point, you have to consider Tinder as…read more

Jelly is a Great Opportunity for Brands

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A little new app called Jelly sparked some interest among tech blogs yesterday. Their motto: Let’s help each other. I downloaded it and surprisingly it’s quite fun answering questions of your larger social network (friends of friends are included). People ask the community by uploading pictures of the „problem“ and add a short question. The interesting thing: most of the questions appearing in my feed where about problems related to consumer electronics (laptop keyboards, cameras, tech devices, etc.). Sounds like a decent and very simple opportunity for brands to actively…read more


The Top 6 Things You Shouldn’t Waste Time On In 2014

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We all like compiling lists (just take a look into your Twitter feed, there should be a few of them zipping around at that very moment), so I figured I’d compose one of my own. Today, on the eve of an exciting new year, I present to you: the top 6 things you shouldn’t waste time on in 2014. 1. Content Marketing Remember Cannes 2013? Yeah, no one does by now. But as every year, the festival created a buzzword that was too charming to not be turned against ad land…read more


The Real Target Audience: The Subway Wagon Filter

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Working on weekends is nothing desirable. Yet, the subway ride to work yesterday opened my eyes regarding one of the most important questions in advertising and communications: Do you know your target audience? Next time you ride the train, don’t just regard the other passengers as annoyingly sweating, dozily wheezing, and yet to be turned into social creatures by a high concentration of caffeine. Look at them and see them as what they are: they are probably part of your target audience. I don’t know why I never thought about…read more


Wahlkampf auf dem Second Screen

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Gerade flimmerte Jauch über den Bildschirm, als ich auf Twitter über @TatortWatch stolperte. Unabhängig davon, wie gut ich es finde, dass eine politische Organisation das Thema Tatort für sich claimt: es ist nicht so doof. Wahlkampf auf dem Second Screen Regelmäßige Twitter-User kennen die zahllosen Tweets, die den manchmal stümperhaft, manchmal gut ermittelnden Kommissaren und ihren Plots gewidmet werden. Alles von einem online-affinen Publikum. In diesen Stream klinken sich jetzt die Grünen ein. Und senden ihre Meinung zum Thema Bürgerrechtsverletzung direkt an Menschen, die sich tendenziell auch dafür interessieren. Damit…read more


Customers Catering to Customers

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Converse is extending their campaign with a new sales approach onto Facebook. Users can design their own pair(s) of Converse and sell them to their friends and/or can even open their own store. Since the program only launches in the UK and US, I wasn’t able to try it, however, this post deals more with the underlying principle rather then the execution. With this app, Converse basically outsources risk. The risk of failing to recognize trends. The brand provides their customers with the infrastructure and technology (store & shoe) and…read more


3 Insights on Location-based Advertising

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Advertising messages have always been sent through one or more channels. With the advent of new technologies there secretly is hope for new and better ways to reach specific target audiences. One of those developments is the rapid spread of GPS enabled smartphones and the growth of location-based services (LBS) that allow marketers for disseminate commercial offers just at the right place (and further, at the right time, in the right context, etc.).  In the first half of 2011, I conducted some qualitative research on location-based advertising for my master’s…read more